Don’t forget to feed shrimps and algae eater, when any aquarium algicide is used

If a tank has shrimps or other algae eaters and OZPOLISH De Algae, or any aquarium algicide, been used in the same tank, the owner should ensure the optimal feeding to these wet pets with the algae wafers or veggies, as OZPOLISH De Algae would be killing the algae and reducing the food/nutrition availability for […]

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TDS – A misunderstood topic in the fishkeeping hobby

A common social notion is that soft water will have low TDS. This is not correct. Water softness is related to water pH. Alkaline water is considered as hard water while acidic water is soft water. TDS has been one of the most misunderstood subjects, mostly because of the focus on the bottled water or […]

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Fish Less Cycling of a new tank

• Start fish-less.• Make sure the filters and air pumps are On all the time.• “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants” input should be as per dose but on alternate days during the first week.• Put a pinch of fish food into the aquarium water once a day daily.• 50-60% water change after 3rd day and then 100% […]

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