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Cloudy Water and Bacterial Bloom in Aquarium or Fish Tank

It’s a story of thousands of years of existence, survival, and evolution of the fish that we have in our living room. Originally derived from nature, some became captive-raised when we started practical fishkeeping in ponds & aquariums. We were told of DOs-and-DONTs of fishkeeping. We have been made aware of the importance of the […]

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Could OZPOLISH Products be used with any non-OZPOLISH Products?

OZPOLISH Products haven’t been officially tested with any non-OZPOLISH products. Should it be absolutely necessary to use the latter while any of the OZPOLISH Products is still in use, it is recommended to stop using the OZPOLISH product till any non-OZPOLISH product is used. For e.g., if a general aid medication for treating a bacterial […]

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How to use multiple OZPOLISH products in a tank at the same time?

The recommendation for selection of the OZPOLISH products of use in combination in a fish tank is based on its Product Category. All OZPOLISH Products are divided into four categories. For information, Browse by Category at the OZPOLISH Official Brand eStore could be checked. The four categories are Freshwater Aquariums | Saltwater Aquariums | Planted […]

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Is the aquarium water cloudy?

Water quality is the most important factor in any aquarium or any fish tank. Quality of aquarium water depends on various factors, such as: bio-load, pH, GH, KH or even room temperature or atmospheric pressure, etc. Deviation of any one factor from the optimal level, could deteriorate the water quality and the impact could be […]

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Why the water becomes cloudy/ milky when beneficial bacteria/ probiotics added to a fish tank already cycled? Is it good, bad, natural?

Nitrogenous wastes, such as ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate are the food sources of the beneficial bacteria/ probiotics present in the fish & aquatics supplies like OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Basic/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional. It is important to help these bacteria make their presence in any tank. Without beneficial bacteria, the tank […]

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How to open the cans of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional, OZPOLISH De Ammo or OZPOLISH De Nitra?

The airtight cans of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional, OZPOLISH De Ammo or OZPOLISH De Nitra are single use container, i.e. once opened it cannot be capped back. To open the cap, all needed is a tool such as screwdriver. For demo, the video here, should be helpful.     Subscribe to Email Notifications for future blogs […]

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How to make biofloc ready for application in water?

Ingredients needed for making 100 litres of biofloc: 3kg Sugar or Jaggery 15 Bananas 1 Pineapple 1 tablet of Vitamin C, each of 100mg approx 7 tablets of Vitamin B, each of 100mg approx 14 Eggs OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional 20 grams Yeast Powder 1kg Inactive Dried Yeast 1Kg   Preparation Steps: Put banana, pine apple, […]

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Volume Calculation of the Aquaculture Tank

Volume calculation for any aquaculture or biofloc tank could be little tricky. The need to do the volume calculation is to estimate the dosage of aquaculture products like OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional, OZPOLISH De Ammo and OZPOLISH De Nitra. The tank volume equates to the product (i.e., multiplication) of the tank’s Surface Area and its Depth, […]

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