How to sanitize a hospital tank?

Plants, Fishes or another wet pet, or any other stuff for decoration, bought from a local/ online shop could carry infectious diseases or even deadly pathogen. It is, hence, crucial to disinfect a new entrant before introducing them to a main tank. Not much focuses were paid over sanitizing a fish tank in past, but we have been following various options safely at home. For e.g., Epsom salt is commonly in use to treat wounds and infection. Epsom salt is already known for showing its good results. Another economical, yet powerful alternative of Epsom salt is to disinfect any new entrant with a described bath through OZPOLISH De Parasite. Care must be ensured using such fish tank disinfectants, as they are not recommended to be used for treatment of a main tank, but should directly be used in a hospital tank. Currently, OZPOLISH De Parasite is not available separately, and is one of the packed contents of OZPOLISH Wet Trio. Other disinfectants such Mythelene blue and Malachite green are better known as harsh-dye, and so they should be avoided as much possible. Contrarily, OZPOLISH De Stress could directly and safely be used in either main or hospital tanks. It is advised to use it in case of any physical injuries, or infection/ thin slime-coat due to toxics, such as chlorine. Any specific purpose medicines, such as antibiotics must not be used without consulting a vet.


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