How NOT to use OZPOLISH De Algae

OZPOLISH De Algae is mild algaecide, which means it has been diluted to extent consider safe for the aquatic plants and animals. However, considering the fact of something being used to kill the algae, users must have to follow certain ground-rules while using the product:

  1. It should not be used other than in aquariums, artificial ponds and fountains.
  2. Notice the “Precaution” on the Product Page that it’s not safe for the certain fishes including scale-less fishes, snails and should not be used in the fish-bowls. It should not be used when these wet animals are tank dwellers.
  3. Notice the “Instructions” on the Product Page that says to dilute one portion of OZPOLISH De Algae with 10 portions of RO/ distilled water. It should not be used by directly pouring drops into the water.
  4. Follow the dose. It should not be overdosed.


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