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HOW TO make biofloc ready for application in feed

biofloc ready for application in feed

HOW TO make biofloc ready for application in feed

Ingredients needed for making 100 litres of biofloc:

  1. 5 litres Molasses
  2. 15 Bananas
  3. 1 Pineapple
  4. 7 tablets of Vitamin C, each of 100mg approx
  5. 7 tablets of Vitamin B, each of 100mg approx
  6. 14 Eggs
  7. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional
  8. 50 gms Yeast Powder


Preparation Steps:

  1. Mix Molasses well to clean, unaerated water inside a barrel (or drum).
  2. Put bananas, pineapple, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Egg, Yeast powder in mixer grinder and mix thoroughly.
  3. Add 3Kgs sugar/Jaggery and 1Kg of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional to the above mixture. Also add 1Kg of Inactive Dried Yeast to the same mixture.
  4. Take a barrel (or, drum) and add 100 litres of clean water. Mix all the above mixture in this water and let it sit well for 15 minutes. Don’t give aeration.
  5. Cap the barrel securely and tightly. Keep the drum in a cool and dry place for 7-8 days.
  6. After 7-8 Days biofloc should be ready to apply in the feed.


Application in a Culture Tank:

Add 100 ml probiotic mixture form non aerated barrel to 4Kg of floating fish feed (never use sinking fish feed) and then mix it with 1 Litre of water. Store for 1 or 2 days for use. Feeding procedure is 2 times per day. HOW TO make biofloc ready for application in feed


Procedure for maintaining culture tank.

  1. Weekly replace 10-15% of water.
  2. Add 66 Gms of lime to every 1000 Litres of water.
  3. Add  50 ML of Molasses per 1000 Litres of water.
  4. Add 50ml probiotic mixture per 1000 Litres of water.
  5. Check biofloc level regularly whether it is below 60 ml per liter or not.
  6. Also, regularly check the water and flock level.

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