How to use multiple OZPOLISH products in a tank at the same time?

The recommendation for selection of the OZPOLISH products of use in combination in a fish tank is based on its Product Category. All OZPOLISH Products are divided into four categories. For information, Browse by Category at the OZPOLISH Official Brand eStore could be checked.

The four categories are Freshwater Aquariums | Saltwater Aquariums | Planted Aquariums | Ponds and Aquaculture Tanks.

E.g., OZPOLISH Bio-Scape and OZPOLISH De Algae both are in Planted Aquariums category, so they could be used together in a Planted Tank. In this example, OZPOLISH Bio-Scape is not present in the categories of ‘Freshwater Aquariums’, ‘Saltwater Aquariums’ or ‘Ponds and Aquaculture Tanks’. So, the product is not designed for use in these categories. On contrary, OZPOLISH De Algae is present in all four categories. Hence it is possible to use it in any type of these setups. The obvious is to take necessary precautions while using any of these products, irrespective of being used alone or in combination with another OZPOLISH Product. Individual Product’s page should be checked for the information of its usage precautions.

OZPOLISH Products haven’t been tested for their efficacy or safety in combination with any non-OZPOLISH Products.

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