Volume Calculation of the Aquaculture Tank

Volume calculation for any aquaculture or biofloc tank could be little tricky. The need to do the volume calculation is to estimate the dosage of aquaculture products like OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional, OZPOLISH De Ammo and OZPOLISH De Nitra.

The tank volume equates to the product (i.e., multiplication) of the tank’s Surface Area and its Depth, while both the factors will have same measurement unit. For e.g., Square Meter for the Surface Area and Meter for the Depth.

The dosage of aquaculture products if prescribed in acres or hectares, it needs to be converted to relevant unit of measurement, as applicable per local system. In an approximation, one acre equates to 0.4 hectare and 4047 Square Meters.

Proportionately the dosages should be calculated and administered.

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