Nature has blessed mankind with an abundance of resources. These are part of our everyday life. One such best example is the nitrogen cycle, without which we would have never thought of the existence of sophisticated lives in aquatic captivity.

Aquatic Habitat in collaboration with partners is always excited to harness these resources to a level where nature is mimicked Not Artificially inside the aquariums and man-made ponds. With the mindset, in association with Proprenz, our products are being proudly made in India.

We stay clear on our Objective to provide the simplest possible solutions that help everyone in the fishkeeping hobby, profession, and industry. Bearing in mind that we know the challenges of the experience, and hence we cannot deviate from our Mission to Save on Maintenance and Save on Water. We target our Objective and Mission through our brand OZPOLISH, for use in aquariums, artificial ponds, and aquaculture. Let’s come together as a community working toward this common realization for all.

Our product line OZPOLISHTM is specifically meant to “Polish the Aquarium & Artificial Pond Waters” in a way that is socially & economically beneficial and technically possible. To ensure meeting the customer need and the market demand, Aquatic Habitat leverages the network and experience of ‘Selected Distributors’, as listed on the Independent Stockists page of this website.

Needless to mention that from DIY fishkeepers to industrialists, we are a community of fishkeeping hobbyists and professionals. We do things, we love to do on a daily basis.

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