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OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro | 50G

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Original price was: ₹659.00.Current price is: ₹399.00.

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• OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro is a blend of beneficial bacteria, nutrients, and micro & macro minerals that facilitate the growth of natural bloom of beneficial bacteria in an outdoor fishpond.
• By regulating the water parameters, OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro helps maintain optimal water quality for the healthy growth of aquatic animals in the outdoor fishpond. It also functions at the bottom of the pond.
• In addition to oxidizing ammonia to nitrates, when used in combination with ‘OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard’ or ‘OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance’ twice a month OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro boosts the complete natural nitrification cycle in outdoor ponds by converting nitrates into Nitric oxide, Nitrous oxide, and harmless nitrogen in the outdoor fishpond.
• By transforming complex organic waste and sludge into a simpler form for easy bio-degradation, OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro utilizes Nitrogenous Wastes and Organic Sludge to produce Bio-available-Protein in any Biofloc System in the outdoor fishpond.
• OZPOLISH Bio-Pro can potentially reduce the Total Vibrio Count and any opportunistic Pathogenic Bacteria in the outdoor fishpond.


Enter Tank Volume
• The calculated result is only a guide and may vary depending on factors such as tank or pond setup, age, bio-load, water parameters, etc.
• Recommended tank capacity: Minimum = 1000 L. Maximum = 10000 L.
• The measuring spoon provided in the pack can roughly hold 5 mg of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro.

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Maintain outdoor fishpond like a “Pro” with OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro – a beneficial bacteria powder for mature or starter fishponds. Unlike other variants of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure, this product is specifically designed for outdoor fishponds & aquaponics systems and works best in combination with OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard or OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance.

OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro offers a range of benefits, including the immediate consumption of nitrogenous wastes and their transformation into digestible protein. It also promotes reduced mortality even in challenging environments and increases the number of favorable multi-strain microbial communities. It also includes other enzymes and active ingredients.

It can be used in both freshwater and saltwater tank/ponds. Each gram of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro has a total of 15 billion CFU/gm, and so must not be used in any household aquarium. However, for optimal results in outdoor fishponds, pair it with OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard or OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance. Dose OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro once a month, alternating with OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard/Advance in your weekly regimen. This dynamic combination tackles sludge buildup and algae issues could help achieve results that OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard/ Advance alone may not replicate in an outdoor environment.



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OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro | 50G
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Original price was: ₹659.00.Current price is: ₹399.00.