Buying Terms & Conditions

OZPOLISH: Polishes the Aquarium Water in a way that is socially beneficial, economically acceptable and technically possible

Clicking on the GET NOW or GET IN BULK button will be routed to the online stores of our Authorized Dealers. Each Dealer manages the online sales, supply, and related non-technical support through their Channel. Hence, before any buying decision, we encourage the Buyers to check with individual Channels on their Online Offers & Retail Policies related to Cash-on-Delivery, Coupons, Bulk Discounts, Return & Refund, etc.

Each Channel may use Third-Party Tools & Platforms (TPTP) to ensure that the Buyers have the optimal buying experiences with them.

To execute the Business-2-Consumer (B2C)/ Business-2-Business (B2B) transactions, the Dealers/ TPTP may need to collect the personal information of Buyers and any other information such as, information related to banking transactions that were used to Submit an Order, etc. To the best of our understanding, the personal information of Buyers should never be transferred to a party who is directly or indirectly not associated with us. Though a Buyer should double-check with the dealing Dealer on the Privacy Policy that the Dealer has in place. The personal information could include, but not only limited to, name & contact information. The personal information could be reused by us, or by the Dealers for future awareness creation and promotion of our products. Any banking information is not saved, unless explicitly required or done so by a Dealer or TPTP or by the Buyers, for the ease of any future transactions.

To connect with the iCANaquarium Authorized Dealer over Whatsapp, please:

  1. visit HOW TO GET
  2. click on
  3. ensure you see the “Select a Channel to GET NOW” Pop-up
  4. click on ( the Whatsapp icon) under the Buying Support for the respective Channel/ Dealer.

As we don’t manage Online ‘Offers & Retail Policies’,, or the owning Company ‘Aquatic Habitat’ is not responsible for any Buyer’s buying experience through any Channel. However, we desire every Buyer to ‘Rate the Channel’ and share their ‘Feedback’. The Feedback is to cover both appreciations and complaints. This will help us in improving our Services in the future.

‘Aquatic Habitat’, through, collects the email IDs of the eStore visitor of any of the Channels. The email ID field, as in the below snapshot, is a non-mandatory field that could be used by ‘Aquatic Habitat’ for future promotions and is covered through the Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your interest in OZPOLISH Products for Aquariums, Artificial Ponds, and Aquaculture. For everything else, please contact us through Get In Touch option on this website.