OZPOLISH: Polishes the Fish Tank Water in a way that is socially beneficial, economically acceptable and technically possible

Polishes the Fish Tank Water

Nature has blessed mankind with an abundance of resources. These are part of our everyday life. One such best examples are the nitrogen cycle, without which we would have had never thought of the existence of sophisticated lives in aquatic captivity.


Aquarium and Artificial Pond Maintenance

Aquariums & Artificial Ponds




OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard contains 8 different types of heterotrophic microbes, an organic compound in dry form to start nitrification, and an easily dissolving base compound.




OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance is an advancement over Bio-Cure with various beneficial bacteria, Organic Compound,s and enzymes. It can be used in both Freshwater and Saltwater.


Aquaculture Pond Maintenance



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What our customers say about us!

We are very fortunate to have formed excellent relationships with many of our customers.
Here’s what they’re saying about us.

Feedback on product

In my Bucephalandra tank was having Blue Green Algae issue, I have started using Ozpolish De Algae, problem solved. I found a new thing that none of my baby Shrimp died, no effect on them. no casualty of Shrimp where algae problem solved. it’s an awesome product.

Saikat Ghosh

West Bengal, India - July 2021

Fantastic results

I started using bio cure advance and h2o the results are just amazing. Within 4weeks of usage only I got amazing results. These products are must needed for every aquarium

Praneeth Nimmagadda

Andhra Pradesh, India - Mar 2021

Feedback on OZPOLISH

I use to buy Ozpolish products from Amazon. But after looking at your website and the price is much cheaper than Amazon. Hence I had order the product from you and got it on time. As promised by you. Thank you so much and will be looking for same service in future

Syed Mubarak

Karnataka, India - Jan 2021

The awesome OZPolish experience

I have been using OZPolish products for some time now and it never stops amazing me.

I started with Biocure which is beneficial bacteria (BB) in powered form since I got a tank & added fishes without knowing anything about cycling. Once they started dying, I learned about cycling but since I already had fishes in, I could not wait for long hence bio-cure to the rescue. It’s a really potent source of BB and since it’s in powered form, it doesn’t get activated unless added to water. It’s a sure-shot for quick cycle & in my experience fishes can be added within 24 hours of using bio-cure.

Next, I used H2O which is a water conditioned to soften hard water, bind heavy metals present in water & reintroduce mineral salts to aquarium & prevent old-water syndrome since I stay in an industrial area and water here is too hard with lot of metal pollutants.

I also ordered wet-trio which contains de-chlorine, de-algae & de-parasite. To remove algae from my plants. Unlike cheap anti-chlorine products, OZPolish de-chlorine removes both chlorine & chloramine. I am using de-parasite to rid my plants & fishes of parasites. I would love to see de-parasite available as a separate product in future as I feel it has lots of use since fishes & plants come infested with parasites in the Indian market.

Another great product that I am planning to buy is de-stress which is a stress-coat for fishes. Comes in really handy when fishes are showing symptoms or adding new fishes to reduce their stress during or after transport. De-stress also controls ammonia & nitrite.

Amit Kumar

Jharkhand, India - Jan 2021

Got the appropriate result

I have purchased Bio-Cure Standard Product from Aquario. First time I am using this product and I really appreciate the quality of service I received from Aquario and the Product is very good and up to the mark. As per the guidance received from them about the product I use the product and really got the appropriate result. Good to know the product is made in India.

Anand Itraj

Maharashtra, India - Dec 2020

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