Reviews Policy for Submission and Display

Version 1.1 – Updated on 24 December 2021.
Version 1.0 – Created and published on 26 October 2021.

There are three types of Reviews associated with the website (, these are Product Review, Seller/ Store Review, and Website Review. These Reviews for submission and display are subject to the below conditions:
1. It is not mandatory to complete a purchase in order to write a Review.
2. Buyers are those who successfully made a purchase from the website. By completing an Order through the website, the Buyers agrees to receive communications through calls, SMS texts, Email, WhatsApp, etc. with an invitation from the Company (Aquatic Habitat), or its Associates, or through third-party websites like Google, etc. to review the website, the product, or the Sellers/ Stores.
3. By submitting a Review, you authorize and Aquatic Habitat to publish it on the website, or third-party platforms.
4. All Reviews shall be published after review and approval by Aquatic Habitat and/ or its authorized Store Dealers.
5. Aquatic Habitat is at the privilege to sort the Reviews for not showing up on the website. This could be based on several factors, but not limited to any content against age, gender, sexual orientation, race, language, religion, and region.
6. Any Review content with socially unacceptable languages, inappropriate or vulgar wordings, weaponry, threatening, or statements of similar nature shall not be shown on the website.
7. Any Review that carries the name of any third Person/ Organization/ Company/ Firm/ Brand Name, shall not be shown on the website.
8. Though the Rating, your Name, Email ID, and Comment are mandatory, only the Email ID will not be published for an approved Review.
9. You may optionally include just your state and country in your Review Comments. Any Review that carries your or others’ personal information that could identify a person, shall not be shown on the website. The personal information includes, but is not limited only to an address, phone number, etc.
10. As the content standard, all Reviews should be the statement of testifying the OZPOLISH Products and/ or the Services of Aquatic Habitat or A Review that covers general discussions/ queries/ suggestions/ concerns may not be shown in this section of the website, even when it will be related to the aquarium or aquaculture topics. Relevant Sections should be used for those specific purposes.
11. Any review with a mention of a third party Business Name/ Legal Name/ Brand or Trademark, including that of our competitors, is likely to remain unpublished.
12. Unpublished Reviews could be deleted forever.
13. By submitting a Review you authorize Aquatic Habitat/ or its Associate Dealers to contact you and clarify any queries before publishing that review.
14. You undertake to us that your content or its use in accordance with the following shall not:
14.1 infringe copyrights or database rights, trademarks, rights of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property or other rights of any other person or entity
14.2 contain any personal information relating to any persons under 18 unless you are either their parent or legal guardian or have obtained the signature and authority of a parent or legal guardian of any such person permitting you to submit such person’s name or other content related to such person
14.3 contain any malicious code, such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other potentially harmful programs or material; or violates any applicable law, statute, ordinance, rule, or regulation.
15. A submitted Review could be used for advertisements/ promotion on social media/ other electronic or print media.
16. The Reviewer has no objection if a Review that is written by him/her will be shared by the Company or its Associates to any other Government or Private third-parties/ organizations.
17. The Reviews from third-party sources like Amazon, being displayed on this website, are as per the Review Policy.
18. All Review inputs by the user/visitor are subject to the Privacy Policy.

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