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Could OZPOLISH Products be used with any non-OZPOLISH Products?

OZPOLISH Products haven’t been officially tested with any non-OZPOLISH products. Should it be absolutely necessary to use the latter while any of the OZPOLISH Products is still in use, it is recommended to stop using the OZPOLISH product till any non-OZPOLISH product is used. For e.g., if a general aid medication for treating a bacterial […]

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How to safely regenerate OZPOLISH Purity?

OZPOLISH Purity is a highly efficient filtration media for use in aquariums. Its capability to regenerate and reuse makes it practically economical in the everyday maintenance of aquariums for clear water. However, the fear of the usage of bleach during the regeneration process of used OZPOLISH Purity should not be ignored. It is imperative to […]

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How to use multiple OZPOLISH products in a tank at the same time?

The recommendation for selection of the OZPOLISH products of use in combination in a fish tank is based on its Product Category. All OZPOLISH Products are divided into four categories. For information, Browse by Category at the OZPOLISH Official Brand eStore could be checked. The four categories are Freshwater Aquariums | Saltwater Aquariums | Planted […]

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OZPOLISH contribution for keeping the aquarium water clean

OZPOLISH follows ‘as possible’ natural and holistic approach for keeping aquariums healthy and clean. The range of offerings from OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (any variants) to OZPOLISH Purity contributes toward the same objective, while the mode of working approaches is different, and so the results would too be. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure has beneficial bacteria that are essential for […]

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Is the aquarium water cloudy?

Water quality is the most important factor in any aquarium or any fish tank. Quality of aquarium water depends on various factors, such as: bio-load, pH, GH, KH or even room temperature or atmospheric pressure, etc. Deviation of any one factor from the optimal level, could deteriorate the water quality and the impact could be […]

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How long OZPOLISH Purity would last since being in first time use?

OZPOLISH Purity, though states best before 2 years from the month it is manufactured, it could last longer if kept air tight in a container or in a zipped pouch. Ensure to: store it only when it is unused or well regenerated. put a little amount of distilled/ RO water to keep it moist. keep […]

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How to regenerate OZPOLISH Purity?

OZPOLISH Purity is a synthetic resin that traps the organic wastes from fish tanks, making water cleaner and clear. The capability of reusing by the process to regenerate it makes it an economical choice. Stuff needed to regenerate the OZPOLISH Purity: Household bleach, i.e. a solution containing 3–8% sodium hypochlorite. Bleach is not a part […]

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Why the water becomes cloudy/ milky when beneficial bacteria/ probiotics added to a fish tank already cycled? Is it good, bad, natural?

Nitrogenous wastes, such as ammonia, nitrite or nitrate are food source of the beneficial bacteria/ probiotics present in the fish & aquatics supplies like OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Basic/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional. It is important to help these bacteria make their presence in any tank. Without beneficial bacteria the tank wouldn’t […]

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How different are the beneficial bacteria in OZPOLISH Bio-Scape than OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (any variant)?

For the fact that the range of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (Basic/ Standard/ Advance) focuses on the nitrogen cycle, while OZPOLISH Bio-Scape is specific formulation for aquatic plant nutrition, the types of bacteria differ from each other. For e.g., OZPOLISH Bio-Scape has Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria, Photosynthetic Bacteria and Phosphate Solubilizer. These are not exactly the same as […]

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