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Could Transporting the Live Fish be Easier and Safer

The trickiest part of the fishkeeping profession or hobby is probably not during the tank maintenance but while moving live fish from one location to another; complicated especially when the distance to move is longer. But this is inevitably one of the steps in fishkeeping, as all (almost) the fishes in our living room tank […]

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Cloudy Water and Bacterial Bloom in Aquarium or Fish Tank

It’s a story of thousands of years of existence, survival, and evolution of the fish that we have in our living room. Originally derived from nature, some became captive-raised when we started practical fishkeeping in ponds & aquariums. We were told of DOs-and-DONTs of fishkeeping. We have been made aware of the importance of the […]

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TDS – A misunderstood topic in the fishkeeping hobby

TDS in Aquarium A common social notion is that soft water will have low TDS. This is not correct. Water softness is related to water pH. Alkaline water is considered hard water while acidic water is soft water. TDS has been one of the most misunderstood subjects, mostly because of the focus on the bottled […]

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Start fishless nitrogen cycle in a new tank

Start nitrogen cycle in a fish tank without ammonia or live fish • Start fish-less.• Make sure the filters and air pumps are On all the time.• “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure” of any variant as input should be as per dose but on alternate days during the first week.• Put a pinch of fish food into the […]

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