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How to safely regenerate OZPOLISH Purity?

OZPOLISH Purity is a highly efficient filtration media for use in aquariums. Its capability to regenerate and reuse makes it practically economical in the everyday maintenance of aquariums for clear water. However, the fear of the usage of bleach during the regeneration process of used OZPOLISH Purity should not be ignored. It is imperative to […]

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How to use multiple OZPOLISH products in a tank at the same time?

The recommendation for selection of the OZPOLISH products of use in combination in a fish tank is based on its Product Category. All OZPOLISH Products are divided into four categories. For information, Browse by Category at the OZPOLISH Official Brand eStore could be checked. The four categories are Freshwater Aquariums | Saltwater Aquariums | Planted […]

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Is the aquarium water cloudy?

Water quality is the most important factor in any aquarium or any fish tank. Quality of aquarium water depends on various factors, such as: bio-load, pH, GH, KH or even room temperature or atmospheric pressure, etc. Deviation of any one factor from the optimal level, could deteriorate the water quality and the impact could be […]

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How OZPOLISH De Stress is different than OZPOLISH De Chlorine?

The difference between OZPOLISH De Chlorine and OZPOLISH De Stress can be assessed from the comparison chart:   Features* OZPOLISH De Chlorine OZPOLISH De Stress Removes Chlorine ✔ ✔ Reduces Chloramine ✔ ✔ Reduces contamination ✔ ✔ Reduces heavy-metals ✔ ✔ Reduces ammonia ✖ ✔ Assist in reducing nitrite ✖ ✔ Soothes external and physical […]

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What should be the minimum and maximum water capacity in a tank while using any of the OZPOLISH Products?

The water volume should not be less than 20L and maximum of 500L. In case of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance the minimum volume should be 100L and maximum could be 1500L. These estimation doesn’t cover the Aquaculture Products.   Subscribe to Email Notifications for future blogs and updates. Could be unsubscribed later from the option provided […]

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Why to have sustained ecosystem in an aquarium?

To bring a glass-structure, called aquarium, to life. An aquarium is naturally living not only because of plants, fishes etc. inside the tank, but also because of a world of beneficial microbes that keeps an aquarium functioning normally. To ensure the aquarium is alive for years. Unlike aquaculture which needs seasonal replacement of produce batches, […]

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Restoring lost cycle in an established tank

• Take out plants, fishes or any other inhabitants from the tank. Recommended to use OZPOLISH O2 at the time of tank maintenance.• Deep clean the tank and filters.• 70-80% Water Change and put the plants and wet pets back to the tank.• Make sure the filters and air pumps are On all the time.• […]

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How to sanitize a hospital tank?

Plants, Fishes or another wet pet, or any other stuff for decoration, bought from a local/ online shop could carry infectious diseases or even deadly pathogen. It is, hence, crucial to disinfect a new entrant before introducing them to a main tank. Not much focuses were paid over sanitizing a fish tank in past, but […]

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