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WHAT HAPPEN when the aquarium water looks cloudy

cloudy aquarium water

WHAT HAPPEN when the aquarium water looks cloudy:

WHAT HAPPEN when the aquarium water looks cloudy | Water quality is the most important factor in any aquarium or any fish tank. The quality of aquarium water depends on various factors, such as bio-load, pH, GH, KH, or even room temperature or atmospheric pressure, etc. Deviation of any one factor from the optimal level could deteriorate the water quality and the impact could be from the foul-smelly aquarium to the unaesthetic aquarium. In extreme cases, increase in mortality of the inhabitants.

To maintain a healthy aquarium, it is a known fact that beneficial bacteria are essential. However excess of these bacteria could also make the milky/ cloudy aquarium water and could increase the tank’s bio-load. This is the reason; it is always mentioned not to overdose OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Basic/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional.

For the need of clearing out the cloudy water, the water change followed with a tank cleaning is the most effective activity. The use of OZPOLISH Purity if followed with these steps, should be able to make the water crystal-clear. Based on the need for a tank, the application of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (any variants) and OZPOLISH H2O should be continued. OZPOLISH De Chlorine/ OZPOLISH De Stress should be used in case the supplied water has contaminants or is chemically treated.

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