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  • OZPOLISH De Chlorine removes Chlorine and suppress the formation of Chloramines in the aquarium water.
  • OZPOLISH De Chlorine removes heavy-metals which are poisonous for underwater lives.
  • OZPOLISH De Chlorine *Expires in 2 years from the manufactured month. *Tested on various freshwater and saltwater environments. *When compared, a little amount of dose makes it cheaper. *Package include one unit of 100ml OZPOLISH De Chlorine. Follow instructions carefully. For use in aquariums and artificial ponds containing live plants and animals. Not for consumption orally by human. Keep away from children. Any questions? We encourage you to ask here 🙂


OZPOLISH De Chlorine is for removing toxic contents from supplied tap water. These toxic contents could include, but not limited to; Chlorine, Chloramine, heavy metals, etc. New water could easily stress fish, possibly due to any contaminants in there.


  • Remove Chlorine and Chloramine from tap water.
  • Reduce dissolved heavy metals (such as mercury, lead, etc.)
  • Reduce dissolved contaminants (such as arsenic, cyanide, etc.)
  • Reduce harmful gases (such as Hydrogen Sulphide, Chloramine gas, etc.)
  • Cure several diseases (such as slime coat, chemical burns, etc.) due to unsafe water.
  • Reduce the stress of plants, fishes, and other aquatic lives, that are caused due to unsafe supplied water.

A most common reason that a pet-fish loss could happen, is stress due to a new tank/ new water shock.

‘Aquarium Checks’ that Owners should ensure at the time of water change, must include but need not be limited to:

  • Aquarium Check# 1. Safe water: OZPOLISH De Chlorine makes municipal/ tap water safe for shrimps, fishes, plants, and turtles by neutralizing the harmful compounds. Safe water is the basis for lives to start thriving!
  • Aquarium Check# 2. Disease control: OZPOLISH De Chlorine helps in controlling certain diseases, like the fins and scale rot, by removing any Chlorine or Chloramine from the water. No more chlorine shocks to fishes and others in the tank!
  • Aquarium Check# 3. Water conditioned optimally: OZPOLISH De Chlorine conditions the water by neutralizing heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, etc., and other poisonous elements. Water that’s just right for tank inhabitants!
  • Aquarium Check# 4. Usability in any environment: OZPOLISH De Chlorine could be used to condition a betta fish bowl or any freshwater/ tropical/ brackish water/ saltwater aquariums.Broader spectrum action!
  • Aquarium Wish# 5. Low-cost aquariums: OZPOLISH De Chlorine helps in reducing the maintenance cost, time and effort spent to the lowest possible level in aquariums.Easy for beginners as well!

Usage– Just push it to aquarium water.

Instruction– 2 drops on every 3 liters of water during a water change. Proportionately adjust for less or more water. The dose recommended with a consideration of Fishes to Water Surface Area Ratio of 1:7.

Precaution– DO NOT OVERDOSE. Overdose will not give more or fast results.

Storage– Keep in a cool, dry & dark place. Do not refrigerate. Keep away from children.

“Made in India”

Happy Fishkeeping!! ’cause people would wonder why they can’t tank like you!


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