HOW TO keep the aquarium water clean

HOW TO keep the aquarium water clean:


OZPOLISH follows ‘a possible’ natural and holistic approach to keeping aquariums healthy and clean. The range of offerings from OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (any variants) to OZPOLISH Purity contributes toward the same objective, while the mode of working approaches is different, and so the results would be.

Use of Beneficial Bacteria to Keep aquarium water clean

OZPOLISH Bio-Cure has beneficial bacteria that are essential for any fish tank. Allowing growing space for these bacteria in a fish tank or its filters helps a lot in the fast cycling of the tanks. Secondly, these bacteria feed on organic wastes, keeping the tank clean and clear. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance also contains enzymes that help the breakdown of the organic wastes, thus faster decomposition of these wastes. While all the OZPOLISH Bio-Cure variants are designed for use in aquariums, the OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro is for use in much bigger ‘farm-sized’ tanks for ornamental fish farming or outdoor fishponds. Though the working principle of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro is the same as other OZPOLISH Bio-Cure, it shouldn’t be used in aquariums. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro should be used in combination with OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard or OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance, once or twice a month. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure is an essentially sustained approach but could take a few weeks of time to get the beneficial bacteria to establish themselves.

Use of Regenerative Media to keep the aquarium clean

OZPOLISH Purity follows a different approach to aquarium cleaning. It is an organic waste adsorbent inside a filter bag/ pad. The filled pads of OZPOLISH Purity could be placed inside the media section of any aquarium filter. This makes it faster in delivering results; a few hours, in comparison to a few weeks as in the case of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure. The downside is that OZPOLISH Purity is not a sustainable approach, as the OZPOLISH Bio-Cure is. Depending upon a load of organic wastes in any aquarium, the OZPOLISH Purity will exhaust. The exhausted OZPOLISH Purity will have darker colouration and will have organic wastes attached to it. Synthetic Wastes Adsorbent for Aquariums Vs Activated Carbon? OZPOLISH Purity is not just a substitute for activated carbon in aquariums but has an easy win over because of easy regeneration and reusability. The image shows the colouration difference between the new, used, and regenerated pads of OZPOLISH Purity. Important to note that OZPOLISH Purity is not recommended in planted tanks due to its capability to filter out externally supplied water/ aquarium plant fertilizer.

HOW TO keep the aquarium water clean
OZPOLISH Purity – (left to right) Change of colouration between new, used, and regenerated pads

OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (any variant for aquariums) and OZPOLISH Purity could be used together in the same tank. If followed as discussed above, most of the time cleaning the tank/ aquarium glass wall from the inside would suffice the need for a clear display.

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