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What if the synthetic adsorbent media granules fell into the fish tank?

A synthetic adsorbent is not an ion exchange media but is a polymer that is used to remove organic wastes and impurities. As it has a macro reticular surface, it is highly effective in organic waste removal from the aquarium and pond waters. The application of OZPOLISH Purity, as the synthetic adsorbent, has shown unmatched […]

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Cloudy Water and Bacterial Bloom in Aquarium or Fish Tank

It’s a story of thousands of years of existence, survival, and evolution of the fish that we have in our living room. Originally derived from nature, some became captive-raised when we started practical fishkeeping in ponds & aquariums. We were told of DOs-and-DONTs of fishkeeping. We have been made aware of the importance of the […]

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Start fishless nitrogen cycle in a new tank

Start nitrogen cycle in a fish tank without ammonia or live fish • Start fish-less.• Make sure the filters and air pumps are On all the time.• “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure” of any variant as input should be as per dose but on alternate days during the first week.• Put a pinch of fish food into the […]

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