WHAT IS Bacterial Bloom in Aquarium or Fish Tank

WHAT IS Bacterial Bloom in Aquarium or Fish Tank

WHAT IS Bacterial Bloom in Aquarium or Fish Tank:


Aquariums and fish tanks are beautiful additions to our homes, but they require careful maintenance to keep the aquatic life healthy. One important aspect of fishkeeping is the role of bacteria in maintaining the nitrogen cycle in the tank. However, there are other types of bacteria that are essential for the well-being of aquatic pets.

Importance of Bacteria in Fish Tanks:

It’s a story of thousands of years of existence, survival, and evolution of the fish that we have in our living rooms. Originally derived from nature, some became captive-raised when we started practical fishkeeping in ponds & aquariums. We were told of DOs-and-DONTs of fishkeeping. We have been made aware of the importance of the nitrogen cycle in a fish tank. Today we also know much more about nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria than ever. We know that they are essential, but the question remained unanswered if these are the only bacteria a fish needs to live happily. Do the rivers, streams, lakes, and seas have only these bacteria contributing to healthy natural living conditions of any underwater life?

While in aquariums and in ponds we could add these beneficial bacteria for establishing and retaining the nitrogen cycle, there are other bacteria or microbes that contribute essentially to the well-being of wet pets. At Aquatic Habitat, we are glad to have not just nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria, but also other essential bacteria in supplies.

Different Types of Beneficial Bacteria:

OZPOLISH for Aquariums and Artificial Ponds The type of these bacteria is the factor that makes these supplies different than each other. Not to mention much, this is the reason why fish tank or aquarium bacteria powder OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance has 11 different types of bacteria, whereas OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard has 8 different types. They both include probiotics for good fish & shrimp health. This keeps the user confident that these products aren’t just limited to nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. Whilst the value of OZPOLISH Bio-cure Basic limits only to have nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. Well, OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance has additionally four different enzymes that help in the faster degradation of organic wastes. A fourth variant OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Pro is for use in outdoor fishponds. Beneficial bacteria play a vital role in breaking down organic waste in aquariums and ponds. They convert toxic ammonia and nitrite into less harmful nitrate, which can then be removed through regular water changes. Without these bacteria, the water in the tank can become polluted and lethal for fish.

WHAT IS Bacterial Bloom in Aquarium or Fish Tank:

Well, all three products also have a natural active ammonia binder that helps in the immediate control of excess ammonia. This becomes more relevant when a new tank is being set up or an existing tank getting beneficial bacteria top-up for the first time. In either case, it is natural to see the overgrowth of the bacterial population, if the tank water has the presence of ammonia. As a known fact, we keep the ammonia level below zero ppm, but when it increases it becomes a lethal source for most of the aquatic life. Fortunately, the nitrifying bacteria made available through natural and artificial sources could be allowed to feed on ammonia and nitrite.

More food, more growth! So that fact with beneficial bacteria. Excess nitrogenous and organic wastes could overpopulate these beneficial bacteria. Often the bacteria growth becomes so much that they together make themselves visible to human eyes, in the form of milky or cloudy aquarium water. This is the condition called bacterial bloom. When this happens, those bacteria needing oxygen to live, start consuming the oxygen from tank water. This will increase the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) in the tank water, and this is when it becomes lethal for fish. The fish could come to the top of the water surface gulping air. In extreme cases, the fish will die.

Aquarium bacteria bloom

This is how beneficial bacteria could become deadly. So, it is important for the aquarium or pond owners to follow the right doses as specified on these products. To control the formation of cloudy water due to bacterial boom, it is better to under-dose than overdose the beneficial bacteria. It is also important to use good supplies of commercially available beneficial bacteria. As we don’t know what other microbes are in our tanks, we are assured that regular use of good quality beneficial bacteria will outcompete any pathogen, keeping infectious diseases among wet pets, at bay.

Controlling Bacterial Bloom with Beneficial Bacteria:

To prevent bacterial bloom, it is important to use the right dose of beneficial bacteria, as specified on the product label. Overdosing can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria, while underdosing may not provide enough bacteria to keep the tank healthy. Regular use of high-quality beneficial bacteria can help outcompete harmful pathogens and prevent infectious diseases among aquatic pets.


Beneficial bacteria are essential for maintaining a healthy environment in aquariums and ponds. OZPOLISH offers a range of products with different types of bacteria and enzymes for specific needs. It is important to follow the right dosage and use high-quality products to prevent bacterial bloom and ensure the well-being of aquatic pets.

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