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WHY the water becomes cloudy/ milky when beneficial bacteria/ probiotics added to a fish tank already cycled

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WHY the water becomes cloudy/ milky when beneficial bacteria/ probiotics added to a fish tank already cycled:

Why Water become cloudy? Nitrogenous wastes, such as ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate are the food sources of the beneficial bacteria/ probiotics present in the fish & aquatics supplies like OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Basic/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance/ OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional. It is important to help these bacteria make their presence in any tank. Without beneficial bacteria, the tank wouldn’t be able to establish the nitrogen cycle and fishes or any other aquatic lives would either struggle to survive or may not survive at all. Moreover, these bacteria help in keeping the water clean and make a tank aesthetically beautiful. This makes it clear that dosing bacteria or probiotics to a fish tank would need a basic understanding of the nitrogen cycle in a tank. This is a reason it is always recommended to use the best bacteria for aquariums and keep the dose within limits. Provided if a tank is a good source of nitrogenous wastes through leftover food, fish wastes, or any other organic wastes; the beneficial bacteria could start populating too fast. A fast cycle could have too many bacteria that they could be seen easily through human naked eyes in form of cloudy water. That said, most of these bacteria would also be consuming oxygen from tank water. This will increase the Biological Oxygen Demand in tanks and fish may suffocate due to lack of oxygen. Fishes frequently staying on water surface could be due to low level of oxygen in the water. In an extreme case, the fish may die.­

Hence it is important to ask questions; if:
  1. the dosing was not as per recommendation?
  2. the tank nitrogenous wastes within limits? Ammonia/ Nitrite/ Nitrate tests should conclude this.
  3. the filters are working all the time?
  4. the water surface has enough turbulence so that the water can maintain a good oxygen level?
  5. the tank has fishes within limits and the fishes are not overfed?

If the answer to any of the above questions is No, it must have to be Yes before the application of beneficial bacteria or probiotics to the tank.

If the answers to all the above questions are Yes and if the tank has cloudy water after dosing the bacteria, it is not much of a concern as this is because of the bacterial bloom that is natural in a good aquarium. It will go away as the bacteria establish themselves and the tank cycles. It is still highly recommended to frequently do the water changes until the water cloudiness exists no more.

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