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HOW TO regenerate a a synthetic adsorbent aquarium filter media

aquarium filter media

HOW TO regenerate a synthetic adsorbent aquarium filter media:

HOW TO regenerate is a synthetic adsorbent aquarium filter media. OZPOLISH Purity is a synthetic adsorbent that traps the organic wastes from fish tanks, making water cleaner and clear. The capability of reusing by the process of regenerating it makes it an economical choice.

Stuff needed to regenerate the OZPOLISH Purity:

  1. Household bleach, i.e. a solution containing 3–8% sodium hypochlorite. Bleach is not a part of OZPOLISH Purity packaging.
  2. A non-metallic container
  3. OZPOLISH De Chlorine
  4. OZPOLISH De Stress
  5. Tap water
  6. Used pad of OZPOLISH Purity

Aquarium Filter Media:

Step 1: Prepare a solution of 50% of bleach in 50% of water into the non-metallic container.

Step 2: Put the used OZPOLISH Purity submerged in the solution for 24 hours. Keep it in a dark, ventilated place, not easily reachable to children or pets. Basic safety precautions such as wearing a pair of disposable hand gloves at the time of handling bleach are advised.

Step 3: After 24 hours, rinse the OZPOLISH Purity under clean running tap water and place it into a buffer solution of a cup of water with 5 tablespoons of OZPOLISH De Chlorine for 8 hours.

Step 4: Place OZPOLISH Purity back to the filter chamber. Apply OZPOLISH De Stress (preferred, as it would help combat any stress to the fishes) or OZPOLISH De Chlorine and let the filter stay powered on.


  1. Using this method, the OZPOLISH Purity could be regenerated multiple times. However, every regeneration could reduce its efficacy due to its usage. Hence it is recommended not to regenerate a pad of OZPOLISH Purity more than 5 times. For clarity on understanding the result of regeneration after the first usage of OZPOLISH Purity the respective BEFORE and AFTER images could be referred to.
  2. Pads could be alternated, while one is in the regeneration process.
  3. OZPOLISH Purity colour will change from white to brownish, which is an indicator that it needs to be changed or regenerated.
  4. Do not reuse OZPOLISH Purity if the smell of bleach/ chlorine is present. It is always better to get the buffer solution tested for chlorine.


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