HOW TO Transport Live Fish Easily and Safely

HOW TO Transport Live Fish Easily and Safely:


The trickiest part of the fishkeeping profession or hobby is probably not during the tank maintenance but while moving or transporting live fish from one location to another; complicated especially when the distance to move is longer. But this is inevitably one of the steps in fishkeeping, as all (almost) the fish in our living room tank had once gone the supply chain journey. Those who survived are today in our tanks.

Transport Live Fish Easily and Safely
OZPOLISH O2: An easier and safer way to transport live fish

Lift and Shift Live Fish Tank

We understand that most fish would not survive during transport. For various reasons, the major cause of fish mortality during transport is stress, which could be due to poor water, infection, ammonia, light duration, temperature, handling, oxygen, etc. Oxygen seems to be the primary reason though! Hence people have been following various techniques that could keep the water oxygenated. For e.g. shaking the fish bags every hour during transport. Few other people are known to follow easier ways too, to keep the water oxygenated during fish transport. OZPOLISH O2 comes in very handy in times of need.

Role of OZPOLISH During Transport of Live Fish

People have learned and are using OZPOLISH  products with confidence and precautions. An application of OZPOLISH O2 is known to release 14-16 ppm oxygen into the water. Though at the downside, depending on the usage, it could as well increase the alkalinity by moderate to high levels. As the overdose of OZPOLISH O2 could adversely increase the water KH & pH, it is a mandate to use it only at the time of necessity such as a power outage, during the transport of live fish, etc. Overdoes of O2 could be harmful to fish, especially to gills and the mouth. OZPOLISH O2 could also be used as a spot treatment agent to kill Cyanobacteria (Blue-Green Algae or BGA).

Reduce Fish Stress Before and During Transportation

OZPOLISH De Stress for Fish Transport
OZPOLISH De Stress: A safer way to transport live fish

It is not uncommon for fish to undergo stress during transport. A stressed fish may not survive or become an easy target for infections. OZPOLISH De Stress is highly recommended to use before, during, and after relocating the fish. The solution works to reduce fish stress not only by reducing ammonia, chlorine, or any other toxicants; but also helps soothe any physical injury due to transport jerks, etc.

The preparation to transport fish should start 2-3 days before the planned date. It is advised to segregate the fishes based on the type, age & size, and on day one dose with one-fourth of the actual recommended dose of OZPOLISH O2 and with a dose equal to the recommendation for OZPOLISH De Stress. Repeat with 20-25% water change followed by one-fourth dose of OZPOLISH O2, 2-3 times that day. Increase the OZPOLISH O2 dose the next day with half the recommendation and repeat the similar steps done on day one. While with every dose of OZPOLISH O2, the quantity could be increased slightly. Keep applying OZPOLISH De Stress as per the recommended dose after every water change.  Watch out for behavioural changes in the fish. By the 3rd or 4th day, the fish would be acquainted with the environment. Ensure the fish is well fed 6-8 hours before the transport. No food is to be provided during the transport. Water change is a must with the input of OZPOLISH O2 every 3-4  hours. Ensure to use fish-safe water.

The dose recommended for OZPOLISH O2 and OZPOLISH De Stress is generic for all types of fish. As all the fishes are different, following the above steps, it could be precisely estimated the dose amount and frequency of dose needed during the transport for those fishes being transported. But again! One has to be careful not to overdose with OZPOLISH O2. It is advised to rely on self-judgment than recommendations. If coupled with self-judgment, transporting any live fish could be made easier and safer even for a longer duration.


Transporting live fish can be a challenging task due to the stress it can cause the fish, which can lead to mortality. However, using products like OZPOLISH O2 and OZPOLISH De Stress can make this process easier and safer. OZPOLISH O2 can release oxygen into the water, which is essential to keep the fish alive during transport. However, it’s crucial to use it only when necessary, as an overdose can be harmful to the fish. On the other hand, OZPOLISH De Stress can reduce stress in fish and help them recover from any physical injuries caused during transport. By following the recommended dosage and preparation steps, fish owners can ensure their fish are safe and healthy during transportation.

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