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  • OZPOLISH De stress removes chlorine and chloramine from municipal water. Reduce dissolved heavy-metals (such as mercury, lead etc.) from municipal/ underground water. Reduce dissolved contaminants (such as arsenic, cyanide etc.) municipal/ underground water. Reduce harmful gases (such as Hydrogen Sulphide, Chloramine gas etc.).
  • OZPOLISH De Stress is targeted to reduce ammonia from the supplied water. Ammonia should be at 0 ppm in an aquarium all the times.
  • OZPOLISH De Stress is a healer that relieves the fishes with wounds or physical injuries.
  • OZPOLISH De Stress can prevent several diseases (such as slime coat, chemical burns etc.) to happen in fishes due to unsafe water. Weekly dose is recommended.
  • OZPOLISH De Stress *Expires in 2 years from the manufactured month. *For use in freshwater/ saltwater aquariums and artificial ponds containing live plants & animals. *Follow dose recommendation. *Package has one unit of 100ml OZPOLISH De Stress. *Not for consumption orally by human. *Keep away from children. *Any questions? We encourage you to ask here๐Ÿ™‚
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There could be various reasons that could fail an aquarist. Many of these reasons could zero down three major causes. One of the easiest known three responses to these major causes are:

  • Aquarist Response to Ammonia: OZPOLISH De Stress purports to reduce ammonia. Its ammonia-binding capabilities have found to bring quick results, thus giving relief to underwater lives suffering ammonia poisoning. Ammonia is highly toxic to fishes and other aquatic animals.
  • Aquarist Response to Contamination: OZPOLISH De Stress is found to effective in removing chlorine, chloramine from supplied municipal/ tap water. It also neutralizes heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, lead, etc. All these are known toxicants impacting water flora and fauna.
  • Aquarist Response to Injuries: OZPOLISH De Stress has been devised to work as a soothing solution over the external physical injuries or wounds of fishes and shrimps.

Usageโ€“ Just push it to aquarium water. OZPOLISH De Stress could be used to condition a betta fish bowl or any freshwater/ tropical/ brackish water/ saltwater aquariums.
Instructionโ€“ 2 drops on every 3 liters of water during a water change. Proportionately adjust for less or more water. The dose recommended with a consideration of Fishes to Water Surface Area Ratio of 1:7.
Precautionย – DO NOT OVERDOSE. Overdose will not give more or fast results.
Storageโ€“ Keep in a cool, dry & dark place. Do not refrigerate. Keep away from children.
“Made in India”
Happy Fishkeeping!! ’cause people would wonder why they can’t tank like you!


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