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Original price was: ₹659.00.Current price is: ₹349.00.

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    • OZPOLISH O2 is in powder form which gradually & slowly dissolves oxygen into the water for hours thus maintains the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) in aquarium water.
    • OZPOLISH O2 is meant to use during a situation when ‘any or all’ air-pump/ Filter/ WaveMaker is not available or is not functional. In a situation, the Oxygen level in water depletes due to reduced or no water surface turbulence, OZPOLISH O2 is the aquarium savior.
    • OZPOLISH O2 is easier to use while transporting the live fishes or while working on aquarium maintenance for hours with fishes in a tank with no provision of air exchange to maintain the BOD. It is recommended to keep in stock for a situation of unforeseen tank’s low oxygen disaster. Replace approx 10% of the water before turning back on to an air pump.
    • OZPOLISH O2 is safe to use in the case of invertebrates (shrimps, snails, etc.), plants, other terrestrial pets, and humans. However, the increased oxygen level in tank water is known to kill Cyanobacteria/ Blue-Green Algae (BGA). This is another benefit, which makes OZPOLISH O2 the ideal BGA contender. To combat BGA, sprinkle a little OZPOLISH O2 over the infected areas. Repeat this every 2-3 days till there is no presence of BGA in the tank. Water Changes after every treatment.
    • OZPOLISH O2 *Expires in 2 years from the manufactured month. *For use in freshwater aquariums and artificial ponds containing live plants and animals. *Package includes one unit of 180g OZPOLISH O2 and a dosing spoon. *Replace if seal is broken. *Kills BGA but won’t remove other algae (OZPOLISH De Algae is an algae remover). *OVERDOSE DISTURBS THE pH. *Follow instructions carefully. *Not for consumption orally by humans. *Keep away from children.


    Enter Tank Volume
    • The calculated result is only a guide and may vary depending on factors such as tank or pond setup, age, bio-load, water parameters, etc.
    • Recommended tank capacity: Minimum = 20 L. Maximum = 10000 L.
    • The measuring spoon provided in the pack can roughly hold 5 mg of OZPOLISH O2. Spoon not included in 500 g pack. No spoon included in the 500g pack.

    More details are in the DESCRIPTION below.


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    26 reviews for OZPOLISH O2 | 180G

    1. Wajid- ✔ VERIFIED BUYER
      5 out of 5
      November 29, 2019
      Please read my review for ozpolish bio cure
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      Hariprasanth- ✔ VERIFIED BUYER
      4 out of 5
      December 8, 2019
      Used once not bad. Unable to give exact review.
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      1 out of 5
      March 3, 2020
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      5 out of 5
      March 4, 2020
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      Himanshu- ✔ VERIFIED BUYER
      4 out of 5
      March 23, 2020
      Good product
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      Manish Mandal- ✔ VERIFIED BUYER
      4 out of 5
      March 22, 2021
      It does release oxygen and for quite some time.But it can release trapped gases in substrate or I don't know if the oxygen reacts with something in the substrate and make the water toxic rapidly. I think it is better to put it in some pots or tray instead of letting it fall on substrate.
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    OZPOLISH O2 – Aquarium fish oxygen powder

    OZPOLISH O2 has been formulated, keeping in mind situations when aquarium pumps or filters are not available or are not operational. Dissolved oxygen in water is the of the basic requirements for fish and for most aquatic living beings to survive. The demand for dissolved oxygen underwater is often referred to as BoD (Biological Oxygen Demand). The more BoD, water needs to be oxygenated. Fishes will not look stressed and stay naturally calm in better-oxygenated water.

    Benefits of OZPOLISH O2

    • Helps maintain the oxygen level in the time of exigency.
    • Known to kill BGA (Blue-Green Algae/ Cyanobacteria). (To kill any other type of algae, OZPOLISH De Algae is recommended)

    OZPOLISH O2 is recommended to keep in stock, so that situations like power outages, aquarium maintenance, or live fish transport, can be handy. To be used during emergency situations only.

    Are you an aquarist or is fishkeeping your hobby? We know your four major challenges when it comes to low oxygen in aquarium water.

    • Aquarist Challenge# 1. Long-duration power cut or Air Pump not working: OZPOLISH O2 gradually dissolves oxygen in the water for hours. Hence it is ideal to be used in a situation when the air pump/ aquarium filter is not available or is not functional. No more power outage distress to fish and owners too!
    • Aquarist Challenge# 2. Keep water oxygenated while moving live fishes to another location: OZPOLISH O2 is simplest yet effective while transporting the live fishes or while working on aquarium maintenance for a longer duration. Time and distance are not constraints while fishes are off the home tank!
    • Aquarist Challenge# 3. Bad experience with snake oils: OZPOLISH O2 has been tested for efficacy and is safe for fishes, shrimps, and plants when used as instructed. Trust is openness to listen and do better!
    • Aquarist Challenge# 4. Keeping water oxygenated without an air pump: OZPOLISH O2 helps in reducing the maintenance cost, time, and effort spent to the lowest possible level in captive aquatic environments. It also cleans water by killing up Blue-Green Algae (BGA) or Cyanobacteria. Better, faster, and cheaper- all together is possible now!

    Usage– Just sprinkle it into the aquarium water. Can be used in both freshwater and saltwater tanks.

    Instruction– 1 spoon in every 200 litres of water as and when needed or at the time of water change. Proportionately adjust for less or more water. The dose is recommended with a consideration of Fishes to Water Surface Area Ratio of 1:7.

    Precautions– This is a substitute for the air pump and not its replacement. DO NOT OVERDOSE. Overdose will not give more or fast results. An overdose could alter the water’s pH & KH.

    Storage– Keep in a cool, dry & dark place. Do not refrigerate. Keep away from children.

    Aquarium fish oxygen powder

    “Made in India”

    Happy Fishkeeping!! ’cause people would wonder why they can’t tank like you!






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    1. January 8, 2022

      do i need to use O2 everytime after the water change?

      Not recommended for every time usage after the water change. Use only when needed, as during live fish transport, tank maintenance or a power outage, etc.

    Aquarium fish oxygen powder
    OZPOLISH O2 | 180G
    4.35 out of 5

    Original price was: ₹659.00.Current price is: ₹349.00.