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HOW TO restore the lost cycle in an established tank


restore the lost cycle in an established tank

       restore the lost nitrogen cycle in a fish tank

• Take out plants, fishes, or any other inhabitants from the tank. Recommended using OZPOLISH O2 at the time of tank maintenance.
• Deep clean the tank and filters.
• 70-80% Water Change and put the plants and wet pets back in the tank.
• Make sure the filters and air pumps are On all the time.
• “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants” input should be as per dose but every 3-4 days during the first two weeks.
• 50-60% water change after 1 week and then 30-40% after 2nd week. Siphon the leftover fish food, and other wastes during the water changes.
• Dose the “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants”, after a 2nd-week water change. Let the filters run.
• Thereafter continue weekly input of the “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants” as per the instructions.
• Make sure to use OZPOLISH De Stress (preferred) or OZPOLISH De Chlorine every time along with any of the “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants”. This will ensure that the harmful chemicals won’t be there that could kill the beneficial bacteria present in the “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants”.


》》 The above is the cycling process to restore the lost nitrogen cycle in an established tank. Users shouldn’t face issues in the future if the steps are followed. But the results may depend vary from tank to tank and environment to environment (water temperature/ pH etc).
》》” OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants” are OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Basic, OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard, and OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance. It doesn’t cover OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional, which is for use in aquaculture.


The nitrogen cycle in a fish tank is a separate topic that will be covered in another blog. 


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