HOW TO safely regenerate synthetic adsorbents for reuse in a fish tank

HOW TO safely regenerate synthetic adsorbents for reuse in a fish tank:


Safely regenerate synthetic adsorbents for reuse in a fish tank. OZPOLISH Purity is a highly efficient filtration (synthetic adsorbent) media for use in aquariums. Its capability to regenerate and reuse makes it practically economical in the everyday maintenance of aquariums for clear water. With the exception only of the planted tanks, its usage extends between freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It could be an effective alternative to remove protein from the saltwater aquarium.  However, the fear of the usage of bleach during the regeneration process of used OZPOLISH Purity should not be ignored. It is imperative to follow the Regeneration Steps and prime Regeneration Tips & Precaution.

Note Again:

  1. Bleach MUST NOT be used inside a tank with plants, fish, or any other wet pets. All regeneration steps should be followed outside the main tank.
  2. Ensure to remove excess bleach by using anti-chlorine regents like OZPOLISH De Chlorine before putting it back in the main tank.
  3. Additionally, double ensure the safety of the fish tank with OZPOLISH De Stress.

What are Synthetic Adsorbents?

Synthetic adsorbents are used to remove contaminants from water. They are usually composed of activated carbon, silica gel, zeolite, and other materials that have been chemically treated to increase their surface area. These adsorbents can be reused indefinitely if they are properly regenerated. Synthetic Adsorbents are also used to remove protein from saltwater aquariums.

Synthetic for Reuse?

Regeneration Steps:

  • Step 1: Used pad to be kept dipped in a non-metallic, open container with 1:1 bleach (regular 8 % Sodium hypochlorite) solution for 24 hours. Scented or dyed bleach must not be used. Rinse the pad well with clean and running tap water for 2-3 mins.
  • Step 2: It must be placed in another solution of a cup of water with 5 tablespoons of OZPOLISH De Chlorine. Rinse and wash the pad well after 8 hours. Place it back in the tank filter.

Regeneration Tips:

  • The regeneration steps explained are for one pad.
  • Keep the regeneration container away from children during the whole process.
  • Do not put it back in the tank if the bleach smell is noticed.
  • It is recommended to do a chlorine test before placing the pad back in the tank. In case of the presence of chlorine, repeat the Regeneration Step 2.
  • Do not use the pads if it has leftover organic wastes or slime/ smelly layer.
  • It is important to apply OZPOLISH De Stress (preferred) or OZPOLISH De Chlorine before placing the pad back to the filter. For this, regular dose instructions should be followed.
  • Do not regenerate over six times.


Use OZPOLISH Purity 100 along with other filter media, such as a sponge or ceramic rings. Ensure filters are working all the time.

Not to be used in tanks where medication or fertilizers are supplied externally.

We advise due diligence at the time of recharging using bleach; by wearing a pair of disposable hand gloves, by keeping it away from children and pets, or by any other possible safety measures.

Why Do I Need to Regenerate Synthetic Adsorbant?

If the adsorbent is not regenerated, it will lose its effectiveness over time. If the adsorbent is exposed to air, it will oxidize and become ineffective. Also, if the adsorbent is left untreated, it may release harmful chemicals into the environment. You can follow our social media page for more updates.

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