HOW TO dose the OZPOLISH De Algae

HOW TO dose the OZPOLISH De Algae:


Most of us would find algae interfering with the aesthetic of any beautiful tank. To counter this problem, we do and tried several methods such as the introduction of aquarium algae eaters, reduction of light or food, and application of inputs like OZPOLISH De Algae.

Use of Algacide in Aquariums

OZPOLISH De Algae is a mild algaecide, used in fish tanks to control excessive algal growth. The recommended way is to drop it into the tank water. The recommended dose is 2 drops of OZPOLISH De Algae, every 3 liters of water weekly or at every water change.  The below video explains the advised way to dose. How to remove algae from the aquarium.

For topical application, mix 2 drops into your favorite carrier oil. You may apply this mixture directly to the skin or rub it onto affected areas.


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