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  • OZPOLISH De Algae when used regularly, helps in controlling Hair Algae, Green/ Brown/ Blue Green and even Black Beard Algae
  • OZPOLISH De Algae makes look your planted tank even stunning by cleaning greenish/ brownish water due to algae infestation.
  • OZPOLISH De Algae though is especially formulated for planted aquariums, it’s application also extends with satisfactory results in non planted aquariums, artificial ponds or fountains.
  • OZPOLISH De Algae *Expires in 2 years from the manufactured month. *Tested on various freshwater environments. *When compared, a little amount of dose makes it cheaper. *Package include one unit of 100ml OZPOLISH De Algae. Follow instructions carefully. For use in aquariums and artificial ponds containing live plants and animals. Not for consumption orally by human. Keep away from children. Any questions? We encourage you to ask here 🙂


OZPOLISH De Algae is specifically meant to clean algae in planted or non-planted aquariums. Overexposure to lights and over availability of nutrients are the two most common reasons for the algae boom in captive water. If not treated on time it may severely impact underwater lives, including plants and fishes. Algae-free tanks or tanks with almost no algae look stunningly beautiful.


  • Could kill several algae such as green algae, brown algae, black algae, black beard algae, etc.
  • Clean up the greenish or brownish aquarium water, which is due to the algae presence.
  • Could reduce the aquarium’s biological demand for nutrition. Thus helping other plants and fishes to thrive.
  • Could be used in either freshwater or saltwater aquariums or artificial ponds.

Ugly aquariums usually have one common cause, i.e algae.

Wonder how planted tanks (and non-planted too) are kept stunningly beautiful? Of all, one of The Secrets is to control the algae nuisance in the tank:

  • Tank Secret# 1. Algae almost to zero: OZPOLISH De Algae when used regularly, helps in controlling Hair Algae, Green/ Brown/ Blue-Green, and even Black Beard Algae. Make sure the tank has good uni-directional circulating water flow. In case of heavy algae infestation, manual scrubbing is needed, followed by a half tank water change and then regular weekly dosing of OZpolish De Algae. Use it in a combination of OZpolish O2 to eradicate Cyanobacteria/ Blue-Green Algae out of the tank. Aquatic flora and fauna better thrive in fewer algae water!
  • Tank Secret# 2. Clean & clear planted fish tanks: OZPOLISH De Algae removes greenish/ brownish water coloration by killing algae. The natural color of the water is as clear as air!
  • Tank Secret# 3. Input that is Safe: OZPOLISH De Algae is safe for fishes, snails, shrimps, turtles, aquatic plants, terrestrial pets, and humans. The dosage needs to be ensured as instructed. Ensure Safety Precautions, as mentioned below. Safe ways to kill algae!
  • Tank Secret# 4. Low maintenance planted aquarium: OZPOLISH De Algae could be used in combination with other OZPOLISH products. It helps in reducing the maintenance cost, time and effort spent to the lowest possible level in aquariums. Tanks being both beautiful and economical is a reality!

Usage– Drops over aquarium water. Watch here for the advised way to dose.

Instruction– 2 drops, every 3 liters of water weekly or at every water change. We recommend diluting one portion of OZPOLISH De Algae with 10 portions of RO/ distilled water (e.g. 10 ml of distilled water and 1 ml of OZPOLISH De Algae) and add that solution to the tank water.

Safety Precautions

  • DO NOT OVERDOSE. Overdose will not give more or fast results.
  • Not recommended when the dwellers are loaches, otocinclus, corydoras catfish and all other catfishes, knife fish, eels, and ropefish or for any other scale-less fishes.
  • Not to be used in fish bowls with no water circulation mechanism.
  • When used as recommended, OZPOLISH De Algae has been found to be safe for plants, scaled fishes, shrimps, snails, and turtles.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Storage– Keep in a cool, dry & dark place. Do not refrigerate. Keep away from children.

“Made in India”

Happy Fishkeeping!! ’cause people would wonder why they can’t tank like you!


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