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OZPOLISH Product Range Introduction

There could be various reasons why usually fishes won’t survive longer in a captive enclosure like aquariums and artificial ponds. For sure, all the reasons are around doing something ‘Not Correct’. A newly bought fish could carry diseases to the primary tank. Water parameters could be yet another reason for unhappy fishes. This could also be due to presence of chlorine or any other contaminants in the water, or even due to the lack of essential minerals and salts. Studies have shown that the high BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) may alert the water chemistry or even may suffocate a fish. Unstable water parameters may cause algae invasion inside a tank.

With challenges in there, the OZPOLISH has been catering aquarium products and accessories to hobbyist & professional, providing them the simple known options to take-up or continue in the areas of fishkeeping, fish breeding and aquaculture. The objective is to keep as simple as following a set of instructions, so that even beginner can have an aquarium that looks like a professionally managed.

OZPOLISH aquarium products range has been broadly covering the basic aquarium maintenance, water treatments & conditioning, disease control of aquatic plants & animals, professional aquascape inputs etc. While the focus is on basic necessity, the need is essential. That’s why OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (all variants) has been widely accepted for everyday aquarium cleaning biologically; OZPOLISH H2O is well appreciated as aquarium water conditioner; OZPOLISH De Chlorine is in place for aquarium water chlorine, heavy-metals & other toxicants remover; OZPOLISH De algae is known for algae remover; OZPOLISH De Parasite for disinfecting and OZPOLISH Bio-Scape as aquarium plants fertilizer. OZPOLISH De Stress is an advancement over OZPOLISH De Chlorine with additional capabilities of reducing ammonia immediately and wound or physical injury healers for fishes and other wet pets.

OZPOLISH has diversified itself also to support professional aquaculture. OZPOLISH De Ammo and OZPOLISH De Nitra have been in place to meet the on filed requirements of reducing ammonia & nitrate in shrimps and fish farming.

Please visit individual product listing to learn about them or share your experience by rating them. We encourage the OZPOLISH Users to share the experiences also by participating on the Involve With Us page or by contacting us through the Get In Touch page.

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