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OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard | 500G

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Maintaining a healthy and thriving aquarium or fishpond requires more than just water and fish. It demands a delicate balance of various factors, including the presence of beneficial bacteria. These microscopic powerhouses play a vital role in promoting water quality, fish health, and overall aquarium and fishpond ecosystem stability. This is where the OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard, plays an important role as an exceptional fishpond & aquarium bacteria booster and culture.

Pond or aquarium beneficial bacteria growth is crucial for establishing a stable and healthy environment. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard provides a specialized blend of bacteria strains that efficiently break down organic waste, such as excess food and fish waste, preventing the accumulation of harmful toxins. This promotes cleaner water and reduces the risk of ammonia and nitrite spikes, which can be detrimental to aquarium fish.

One of the primary challenges faced by pond or aquarium hobbyists is the process of tank cycling. This is where the colony aquarium bacteria play a significant role. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard contains carefully selected bacteria cultures that accelerate the cycling process by establishing a robust and thriving biological filtration system. This ensures the efficient conversion of toxic ammonia into less harmful compounds, like nitrate, resulting in a more stable and balanced aquarium.

Maintaining optimal bacteria levels is essential for the well-being of an aquarium or a fishpond. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard simplifies this task by promoting a healthy bacteria population. However, if monitoring the bacterial balance in tank is required, one can perform periodic tests using water testing kits specifically designed to measure ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. In most of the cases, it would answer the query on how to test bacteria in fish tank. A zero level of ammonia and nitrite and less than 40 ppm of nitrate provide insights into the overall good health of aquarium ecosystem.

When setting up a new aquarium, it is common to experience a bacteria bloom. This is a natural process where bacterial populations rapidly multiply, often resulting in cloudy water. OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard aids in controlling and managing this bloom by providing a stable and diverse bacterial culture. Its unique formula promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria while reducing the intensity and duration of the bloom, ensuring a smoother transition for any new aquatic setup. Just do not overdose it, else the beneficial bacteria in it could grow exponentially causing bacterial bloom.

OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard offers a powerful solution for promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in any aquarium. By using this innovative bacteria booster and culture, tank or pond owners can enjoy numerous advantages such as cleaner water, improved fish health, and a more stable and balanced aquarium environment. Embrace the wonders of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard and witness the transformative impact it can have on your aquatic paradise. Experience the beauty of a thriving aquarium ecosystem like never before.


Enter Tank Volume
• The calculated result is only a guide and may vary depending on factors such as tank or pond setup, age, bio-load, water parameters, etc.
• Recommended tank capacity: Minimum = 50 L. Maximum = 1000 L.
• The measuring spoon provided in the pack can roughly hold less than 3 mg of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard. Spoon not included in 500 g pack. No spoon included in the 500g pack.

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• Kick-Start a new aquarium.
• Control Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate naturally in aquarium water.
• Eliminate bad odour that is due to the presence of nitrogenous wastes
• Synthetic Chemicals Free.

OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard consists of potent Nitrifying, Denitrifying & Beneficial Bacteria and a natural ammonia-binder that is quick to establish or boost the nitrogen cycle in any aquarium or fish tank with ornamental fish.

Usage– Sprinkle on the tank water.

Instruction– 1 teaspoon (spoon not included) for every 1000 liters of water once a week and during water changes. If you have more or less water, adjust the amount accordingly.

• Be careful not to use antibiotics or other chemicals that could harm the beneficial bacteria.
• Store airtight in a cool, dry, and dark place.

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OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard 500G
OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard | 500G
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Original price was: ₹1,999.00.Current price is: ₹789.00.