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OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard | 50G


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    OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard contains both nitrifying, denitrifying, and organic-waste-decomposing bacteria in high CFU. It also has an organic compound that works for the immediate reduction of excess ammonia in a fish tank. The product is the same as described for its 100 gm packaging – Here.


    Enter Tank Volume
    • The calculated result is only a guide and may vary depending on factors such as tank or pond setup, age, bio-load, water parameters, etc.
    • Recommended tank capacity: Minimum = 50 L. Maximum = 1000 L.
    • The measuring spoon provided in the pack can roughly hold less than 3 mg of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard. Spoon not included in 500 g pack. No spoon included in the 500g pack.

    More details are in the DESCRIPTION below.


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    A freshwater fish tank needs bacteria to break down fish waste. Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter are the most common nitrifying bacteria that break down ammonia into nitrite and then into nitrate.

    An aquarium owner needs to make sure that there are enough beneficial bacteria in their tank. There are a lot of ways to get the right kind of good bacteria, such as using treatments, filters, or even artificially adding them.

    OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard has the selected best nitrifying bacteria for freshwater aquariums. The beneficial bacteria in there colonize the fish tank and work as a natural aquarium water cleaner. It also contains one fish gut probiotic, four organic waste decomposing (includes sludge treatment) bacteria, and a natural ammonia-binder.

    • OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard has two nitrifying, one denitrifying, one fish gut probiotic, and four organic waste decomposing (includes sludge treatment) bacteria. It also has a natural ammonia-binder.
    • 50g pouch pack of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard
    • Kick-start a new fish tank: OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard starts working immediately by reducing ammonia in aquarium water.
    • Cleans fish tank that smells good: OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard has microbes that feed on fish wastes, sludge & other organic wastes and eliminates bad odour.
    • Ensure disease control in a fish tank: OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard could control fish infectious (e.g. ich) and non-infectious (e.g. bloat) diseases.
    • Low maintenance aquarium: OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard when working effectively, bubbles from the aquarium bed may be noticed after a month of usage. This is harmless and indicates that the tank is getting “self-cleaned”, hence helping reduce water wastage. If the water is aged, use it along with OZPOLISH H2O.
    • Quality inputs for aquariums: OZPOLISH Bio-cure Standard has a high count (>3 billion cfu/mg) of dormant bacteria and has a longer shelf-life. Bacteria will be alive in the water.

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