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  • OZPOLISH H2O has selected Salts and Minerals that replenishes the old aquarium water which has not been changed for several weeks. These Salt and Minerals are required for improved fishes, invertebrates, turtles and plants’ health & immunity, which means flourishing, sturdy ecosystem. Healthy fishes will display bright colours, living to its optimal vitality.
  • OZPOLISH H2O is especially recommended for the aquariums set-ups in localities with supplied water being hard due to dissolved calcium and magnesium. It is found to work as water softener by reducing gh. This could thus also reduce the white calcium scaling on the aquarium glass and equipment.
  • OZPOLISH H2O removes heavy metals from water. This is thus, another reason why it is beneficial for fish, shrimps, snails and turtles health. Beneficial for planted tanks too, even for a Hi-Tech heavily planted ones.
  • OZPOLISH H2O can also participate in building up or sustaining the good microbial base required for nitrification process in aquarium. Recommended to use along with OZPOLISH Bio-Cure. It also has the processed salts that acts as electrolytes to help combat fish various diseases such as gills or fins rot, excessive mucous secretion etc.
  • OZPOLISH H2O *Not a fish food. *Not sea or rock salt. *Won’t remove Chlorine (OZPOLISH De Chlorine removes chlorine). *Expires in 2 years from the manufactured month. *For use in freshwater aquariums and artificial ponds containing live plants & animals. *Package include one unit of 180g OZPOLISH H2O and dosing spoon. *Replace if seal is broken. *Follow instructions carefully. *Not for consumption orally by human. *Keep away from children. *Any questions? We encourage you to ask here 🙂


OZPOLISH H2O contains essential minerals, natural salts and water softening agent, meant for aquarium purpose only. Essential minerals are required for general health and immunity of fishes and other aquatic lives, whereas salts are electrolytes that keep them active. Though water mineralization does increase the TDS, it is actually because of essentials, and not because of pollutants or contaminants. Of course this is good, because it helps mimic the aquarium water like the natural water that mineralized while flowing through rivers and streams.


  • Replenish the essential minerals and salts in old aquarium water. Aquarium water losses essential minerals when water is not changed for more than a week.
  • When used weekly the plants, fishes and other water lives stay healthy because of the supply of required minerals & salts. Fishes often die due to lack of these minerals or salts in the water.
  • Keeps the water soft by reducing the general hardness. As usually believed, it is not correct that soft water will necessarily have low TDS.
  • Regular usage could help clean the calcium deposition on aquarium walls and equipments. This, thus help in increasing the life of aquarium equipment too.

Disturbing fact is that in found of clean tank water we filter-out many essential minerals from water, which has adverse effect on the aquatic lives.

Why can’t fishes live in Distilled Water (no TDS)? In hobby, aquarists may baffle on the optimal water quality. For all the concerns, no wonder, identified should be the top Solutions!

  • Water Solution# 1. Nature Water:-OZPOLISH H2O has selected minerals and salts that is needed for fish health & immunity and for aquarium sustenance between periods of water changes. Though this increases the TDS, it helps mimic the mineral water that flows thru rivers and streams. This is done by restoring the electrolytes in the water. Increased TDS due to essentials, is not bad!
  • Water Solution# 2. Pollution Free:-OZPOLISH H2O removes the contaminants, including heavy metals, without any expensive or complex filtration. It supports the growth of beneficial bacteria. Good for underwater flora, fauna and microbes!
  • Water Solution# 3. Soft Water:-OZPOLISH H2O has a safe Active Agent to reduce the calcium and magnesium deposition on glasses, equipment and plumbing. Regular usage could make glass clear and extend the equipment’s life. Makes inside aquarium clear vision!
  • Water Solution# 4. Low Cost:-OZPOLISH H2O helps in reducing the aquarium maintenance cost, time & effort to the lowest possible; and saves the water. Light on money, easy on hobby!

Usage– Sprinkle on the aquarium water.

Instruction– 1 spoon in every 200 litres of water weekly and at the time of water change. Proportionately adjust for less or more water. Dose recommended with a consideration of Fishes to Water Surface Area Ratio of 1:7.

Precautions– DO NOT OVERDOSE. Overdose will not give more or fast results. Overdose could raise the TDS high.

Storage– Keep in cool, dry & dark place. Do not refrigerate. Keep away from children.

*Made in India.

Happy Fishkeeping!! ’cause people would wonder why they can’t tank like you!


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