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  • OZPOLISH De Algae when used regularly, helps in controlling Hair Algae, Green/ Brown/ Blue Green and even Black Beard Algae. It Cleans greenish/ brownish water due to algae infestation.
  • OZPOLISH De Chlorine removes Chlorine and suppress the formation of Chloramines in the aquarium water.Ozpolish De Chlorine removes heavy-metals which are poisonous for underwater lives.
  • OZPOLISH De Parasite must be used to treat plants & fishes brought new from aquarium shops. Infected fishes should be treated in hospital tank and the decorations & substrates should be cleaned outside the main tank.
  • OZPOLISH Wet Trio products are especially formulated for planted aquariums, it’s application also extends with satisfactory results in non planted aquariums, artificial ponds or fountains.
  • OZPOLISH Wet Trio products *Expire in 2 years from the manufactured month. *Tested on various freshwater environments. *When compared, a little amount of dose makes it cheaper. *Package include one unit of 50ml OZPOLISH De Algae, one unit of 50ml OZPOLISH De Chlorine and one unit of 50ml OZPOLISH De Parasite. Follow instructions carefully. For use in aquariums and artificial ponds containing live plants and animals. Not for consumption orally by human. Keep away from children. Any questions? We encourage you to ask here. 🙂


OZPOLISH Wet Trio contains OZPOLISH De Algae, OZPOLISH De Chlorine and OZPOLISH De Parasite together in one “economical pack”. OZPOLISH De Algae has been trusted to cure & clean aquariums water by killing algae. Thus helping aquarium plants and animals to thrive and flourish better. Essentially the municipal supplied tap water is chlorinated. Chlorine and other pollutants/ contaminants dissolved in the supplied water can easily kill fishes & other animals in minutes and plants within hours. Apparently, OZPOLISH De Chlorine is a savior by removing chlorine, contaminants, harmful gases and heavy metals from the aquarium water. Thus making it safe for aquarium dwellers to thrive. Next to unsafe supplied water external parasites are another major killer of aquarium lives. OZPOLISH De Parasite must be used to treat plants & fishes brought new from aquarium shops. Infected fishes should be treated in hospital tank and the decorations & substrates should be cleaned outside the main tank.



  • kills aquarium algae
  • make greenish/ brownish water clear

OZPOLISH De Chlorine

  • remove chlorine and chloramine from municipal water
  • remove heavy metals (lead, mercury etc.) from municipal/ underground water
  • remove contaminants (arsenic, cyanide etc.) from municipal/ underground water
  • remove harmful gases (hydrogen sulphide, chloramine gases etc.) from aquarium water

OZPOLISH De Parasite

  • should be used to bath clean newly bought plants, fishes from any aquarium shop
  • should be used to clear up bacterial cloud in tank. NOTE: This could kill established good micro flora from the tank and the tank might undergo partial/ full cycle again.
  • should be used to treat infected plants & fishes in hospital tank. The tank decorations and substrate should be washed outside the main tank.

OZPOLISH Wet Trio contains:

  • OZPOLISH De Algae 50ml: Is algaecide, which could safely be used inside a planted or non-planted fish tank. It helps in: ○ controlling the cause and spread of algae. ○ reducing the greenish or brownish water in aquariums. Dose– 2 drops, every 3 litres of water weekly. Overdose may kill some specific fishes. Never use in case of scale-less fishes, such as Black Knife Ghost etc. Tank filtration is must.
  • OZPOLISH De Chlorine 50ml: A easy way to eliminate chlorine from municipal/ tap water, before putting it in use in aquarium. It helps in: ○ removing the chlorine. ○ reducing the formation of chloramines. ○ removing other toxic matter and heavy-metals from the supplied water. Dose- 2 drops on every 3 litres of water during water change. Overdose will not speed up chlorine reduction in the water.
  • OZPOLISH De Parasite 50ml: Is a strong oxidizer which when added to water will give deep purple coloration. It helps in: ○ disinfecting the newly brought fish or plants from a fish/ pet shop. ○ deep cleaning of aquarium equipment & other decorations. ○ external bath treatment of infected fishes and plants. ○ reducing any bacterial cloud in tank water. Dose- 1 drop every 10 litres of water. Do not use in main tank, unless specifically needed. Using in main tank could kill beneficial bacteria and disturb the nitrogen cycle.

Note: Dose recommended with a consideration of Fishes to Water Surface Area Ratio of 1:7. Proportionately adjust dose for less or more water.

Precaution– DO NOT OVERDOSE. Overdose will not give more or fast results.

Storage– Keep in cool, dry & dark place. Do not refrigerate. Keep away from children.

“Made in India”

Happy Fishkeeping!! ’cause people would wonder why they can’t tank like you!


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