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WHY it is important to have sustained ecosystem in an aquarium

ecosystem in fish tank

WHY it is important to have sustained ecosystem in an aquarium

WHY it is important to have a sustained ecosystem in an aquarium
  1. To bring a glass structure, called an aquarium, to life. An aquarium is naturally living not only because of plants, fishes, etc. inside the tank but also because of a world of beneficial microbes that keeps an aquarium functioning normally.
  2. To ensure the aquarium is alive for years. Unlike aquaculture which needs seasonal replacement of production batches, an aquarium is meant to exist for years.
  3. To bring a stable environment in a confined tank. This established the balance of the ecosystem between flora & fauna within the tank.
  4. To mimic the nature inside the tank so that the lives in there get proper treatment and hence they could thrive, not just survive.
  5. To reduce to cost of maintenance due to heavy doses of inorganic/ synthetic inputs. Maintenance costs could be reduced in any sustained tank in many ways. For e.g., A sustained tank usually will have no or negligible incidents of diseases (of plants, fishes, etc.), thus reducing the treatment cost. This as well saves time, effort, and water too!
  OZPOLISH Line of Products, such as Bio-Cure (all variants) and Bio-Scape have been found to maintain the sustained environment inside an aquarium tank. Understand the justifying response on the fish tank exosystem.  

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