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  • OZPOLISH De Nitra has been developed for use in aquaculture/ shrimps and fish farming, garden ponds and small lakes. Direct application to tank/ pond water. Not to be used in aquariums.
  • OZPOLISH De Nitra is purposed to reduce the nitrate To ensure desired tonnage production, nitrate should be less than 40 ppm all the time in pond water.
  • OZPOLISH De Nitra natural composition is an effective agent that assist in improving the water parameters, and fishes/ shrimps growth. Unlike chemicals, it’s safe to use OZPOLISH De Nitra.
  • OZPOLISH De Nitra will reduce fish or shrimp stress due to nitrate excess load for any reason. Hence will reduce the shrimp or fish mortality.
  • OZPOLISH De Nitra could be used along with OZPOLISH De Ammo to establish the natural nitrogen cycle in ponds. It could make the pond water odour free and make healthy living environment for the underwater lives, including plants. Healthy environment will make fishes/ shrimps less susceptible to any infectious diseases.
  • OZPOLISH De Nitra *Expires in 2 years from the manufactured month. *For use in freshwater/ saltwater ponds containing live plants & animals. *Follow dose recommendation. *Package has one unit of 500g OZPOLISH De Nitra. *Not for consumption orally by human. *Keep away from children. *Any questions? We encourage you to ask here 🙂
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Productivity is the basis of business continuity. With this belief, the OZPOLISH Line of products for use in aquaculture has been developed. Though not as toxic as Ammonia or Nitrite, Nitrate is often ignored by most farmers, which impacts their productivity. This is known to be considerably impacting the fisheries industry, every year. OZPOLISH De Nitra has been developed with natural ingredients to reduce the nitrate in fish and shrimp ponds. Once administered into the pond, OZPOLISH De Nitra should be showing results in approx 24 hours. OZPOLISH De Nitra has been developed to work in both freshwater and saltwater. No special instruction required. Just dose 500 grams per acre. For use in shrimp or fish pond/farming.


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