WHAT happens to shrimps and algae eater, when any aquarium algicide is used


OZPOLISH De Algae is a common algicide used in aquariums to eliminate unwanted algae. However, its use can have unintended consequences for shrimps, algae eaters, and sensitive fishes.

Impact on Shrimps and Algae Eaters:

When OZPOLISH De Algae is used in a tank with shrimps or other algae eaters, it can reduce the availability of food and nutrition for these pets. This can lead to their death if the owner does not provide optimal feeding.

Optimal Feeding for Shrimps and Algae Eaters:

To ensure the survival of shrimps and algae eaters, owners should provide them with algae wafers or veggies as a supplement to their diet while using OZPOLISH De Algae. This will help to maintain their nutritional requirements in the absence of algae.

Risk to Sensitive Fishes:

Certain fishes, such as loaches, otocinclus, corydoras catfish, knife fish, eels, and ropefish, are sensitive to medications like OZPOLISH De Algae. Therefore, owners should not use this product in tanks with these types of fish to avoid adverse effects.


In conclusion, the use of OZPOLISH De Algae in aquariums requires careful consideration of its impact on shrimps, algae eaters, and sensitive fishes. Owners should be aware of the potential risks and take appropriate measures to ensure the well-being of their aquatic pets.

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