WHAT ARE those brownish clumps in the OZPOLISH Bio-Cure

Understanding Brownish Clumps in OZPOLISH Bio-Cure


OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (all variants) contains beneficial bacteria necessary for optimal aquarium/pond management.

Conditions for Activation of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Bacteria:

The bacteria in OZPOLISH Bio-Cure are supplied in a dormant state and become active in certain conditions such as the presence of water/moisture, light, and specific temperature.

Change in Content Colouration:

The presence of moisture can cause the bacteria in OZPOLISH Bio-Cure to become active and start multiplying. This may result in a change in content colouration, which appears as brownish clumps.

Harmlessness of Discoloured OZPOLISH Bio-Cure:

Discoloured OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (any variant) within the ‘Best Before Period’ could be used without any known adverse effects on the fish tank/pond.

Effectiveness of Discoloured OZPOLISH Bio-Cure:

However, discoloured OZPOLISH Bio-Cure may not be as effective in showing the desired results as the product without the discolouration effect.

Recommendations for Storing OZPOLISH Bio-Cure:

To ensure maximum effectiveness of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure, it is recommended to store the contents in the original packaging and keep the container tightly closed in a cool, dry, and dark area.

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