What are those brownish clumps in the OZPOLISH Bio-Cure?

OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (all variants) contains beneficial bacteria, required for optimal aquarium/ pond management. Though these bacteria are supplied in dormant state, they become active in presence of certain conditions, such as presence of water/ moisture, light, specific temperature etc. For e.g., in presence of moisture the bacteria may become active and could start multiplying. Hence change on content colouration could possibly be noticed. This is natural and harmless. A discoloured OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (any variant), within ‘Best Before Period’ could be used without any know adverse effect to fish tank/ pond. However, it may not be potentially as effective to show desired results, as the product without discolouration effect. So, it is recommended to store the contents in the original packaging and keep the container tightly closed. Store in cool, dry and dark area.


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