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WHEN not to use beneficial bacteria inputs

fish bowl without filter

WHEN not to use beneficial bacteria inputs

WHEN not to use beneficial bacteria inputs. All the variants of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure are highly concentrated in terms of bacterial count, with a minimum of 3 billion CFU/mg. For a tank smaller than 50 litres, it’s nearly not possible to establish a dose, for chances of tank water becoming cloudy/ turbid due to overpopulation of the bacteria. Hence, none of the OZPOLISH Bio-Cure variants are officially recommended for use in tanks with water volumes less than 50 litres. Though not advised, even if used in smaller quantities its at the user’s discretion. It’s also essential to keep the filters running and follow the water parameters, and temperature needed for the beneficial bacteria to survive. Do not use OZPOLISH Bio-Cure when other chemicals or antibiotics are used in the tank. Any of the OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants are not advised to be used in fish bowls without filters.

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