What are those brownish clumps in the OZPOLISH Bio-Cure?

OZPOLISH Bio-Cure (all variants) contains beneficial bacteria, required for optimal aquarium/ pond management. Though these bacteria are supplied in dormant state, they become active in presence of certain conditions, such as presence of water/ moisture, light, specific temperature etc. For e.g., in presence of moisture the bacteria may become active and could start multiplying. Hence […]

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What should be the minimum and maximum water capacity in a tank while using any of the OZPOLISH Products?

The water volume should not be less than 20L and maximum of 500L. In case of OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance the minimum volume should be 100L and maximum could be 1500L. These estimation doesn’t cover the Aquaculture Products. […]

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Why to have sustained ecosystem in an aquarium?

To bring a glass-structure, called aquarium, to life. An aquarium is naturally living not only because of plants, fishes etc. inside the tank, but also because of a world of beneficial microbes that keeps an aquarium functioning normally. To ensure the aquarium is alive for years. Unlike aquaculture which needs seasonal replacement of produce batches, […]

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