Fish Less Cycling of a new tank

• Start fish-less.
• Make sure the filters and air pumps are On all the time.
• “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants” input should be as per dose but on alternate days during the first week.
• Put a pinch of fish food into the aquarium water once a day daily.
• 50-60% water change after 3rd day and then 100% on 6th day. Siphon the leftover fish food during the water changes.
• Before adding fresh water on the 6th day, add the bottom substrate (“OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants” best works with sand or soil substrate, but not necessarily required).
• Dose the “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants”, after changing the water on 6th day. Let the filters running and continue input of a pinch of fish food on alternate day.
• 100% Water Change on the 10th day. Siphon the leftover fish food. Let the filters running. Don’t add any fish food (without fishes) after 10th day.
• Add 2-3 fishes on 12th day, and keep on increasing the fish count by gradually adding it in next two weeks.
• Make sure to use OZPOLISH De Stress (preferred) or OZPOLISH De Chlorine every time along with any of the “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants”. This will ensure that the harmful chemicals won’t be there that could kill the beneficial bacteria present in the “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants”.

》》 The above is the cycling process to establish a new tank. User shouldn’t face any issue in future, if the steps are followed.

》》”OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants” are OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Basic, OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard and OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance. It doesn’t cover OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional, which is for use in aquaculture.


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