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How TO start the fishless nitrogen cycle in a new tank

fish tank nitrogen cycle

How TO start the fishless nitrogen cycle in a new tank:

How TO start the fishless nitrogen cycle in a new tank. Start nitrogen cycle in a fish tank without ammonia or live fish

• Start fish-less.
• Make sure the filters and air pumps are On all the time.
• “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure” of any variant as input should be as per dose but on alternate days during the first week.
• Put a pinch of fish food into the aquarium water once a day daily.
• 50-60% water change after 3rd day and then 100% on 6th day. Siphon the leftover fish food during the water changes.
• Before adding fresh water on the 6th day, add the bottom substrate (“OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants” best works with sand or soil substrate, but is not necessarily required).
• Dose the “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants”, after changing the water on the 6th day. Let the filters run and continuous input of a pinch of fish food on alternate days.
• 100% Water Change on the 10th day. Siphon the leftover fish food. Let the filters run. Don’t add any fish food (without fish) after the 10th day.
• Add 2-3 fish on the 12th day and keep on increasing the fish count by gradually adding it in the next two weeks.
• Make sure to use OZPOLISH De Stress (preferred) or OZPOLISH De Chlorine every time along with any of the “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants”. This will ensure that the harmful chemicals won’t be there that could kill the beneficial bacteria present in the “OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants”.

》》 The above is the cycling process to establish a new tank. The user shouldn’t face any issues in the future if the steps are followed. During the process, it is recommended to test the water parameters every day.  For ammonia and nitrite lelels more than zero ppm, and nitrate over 40ppm, a water change should be performed.

》》”OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Variants” are OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Basic, OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Standard, and OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Advance. It doesn’t cover OZPOLISH Bio-Cure Professional, which is for use in aquaculture.



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