How to safely regenerate OZPOLISH Purity?

OZPOLISH Purity is a highly efficient filtration media for use in aquariums. Its capability to regenerate and reuse makes it practically economical in the everyday maintenance of aquariums for clear water. However, the fear of the usage of bleach during the regeneration process of used OZPOLISH Purity should not be ignored. It is imperative to follow the Regeneration Steps and prime Regeneration Tips & Precaution.

Note Again:

  1. Bleach MUST NOT be used inside a tank with plants, fish, or any other wet pets. All regeneration steps should be followed outside the main tank.
  2. Ensure to remove excess bleach by using anti-chlorine regents like OZPOLISH De Chlorine before putting it back to the main tank.
  3. Additionally, double ensure the safety of the fish tank with OZPOLISH De Stress.
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